The HBA has partnered with Blessed Sacrament Yellow Jackets Basketball Club to offer rep basketball for our athletes. Rep basketball is a program for athletes who are selected to compete at a higher level. This program provides players with the opportunity to compete  at a competitive level against other teams across the province.


Become a Partner in our 2021-2022 Season

Dear Community Partner:

Since 1971, the Hamilton Basketball Association (HBA) has been an independent, not-for-profit organization.  We are the largest recreational league for the children of Hamilton to play and enjoy the sport of basketball.  Under the direction of a dedicated group of volunteer coaches, our league offers girls and boys (ages 5 to 18) the opportunity to improve their physical, mental, and social well-being by learning the rules and fundamental skills of the sport, while developing sportsmanship, community spirit, and good fellowship.

Our organization is successful in part to the dedication of our volunteers.  The HBA Executive, the coaches, and students earning community hours, generously give their time and talent throughout the season.

Another key factor in achieving success is the ability to provide an affordable recreational option for children from every economic situation.  It is dedicated sponsors, such as yourself, which help the HBA maintain a reasonable registration rate for all participants.  Sponsorships help with costs necessary in the running of the league, such as: renting facilities for practices and games, purchasing equipment and uniforms, and paying for referees.

The HBA would like to invite you to become a partner in this venture!  As part of your sponsorship, we will recognize your contribution in several ways.  Please contact us via email at or through the league's website at for details.

The HBA looks forward to building a strong partnership with your company, and together we can provide a rich experience for the children of the HBA during our upcoming season.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Contact Info

Hamilton Basketball Association
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Hamilton, ON
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